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We planted a tree in Ian's memory in Cody Park on Friday. Pictures are here. It went well--the tree is just off of the playground, and the other nearby trees are all getting removed this winter, so it's kind of going to stand out for a while. If any of my coworkers read this (yes, I'm looking at YOU), I can't say thank you enough for helping to pay for this.

Mom and Dad made it back from Colorado without problems...Jalane is doing okay, or at least as okay as can be expected. Matt's obituary was in Sunday's paper (the Grand Junction Sentinel, specifically).

They got home last night...and their cat could barely move. That poor cat hasn't been doing well for a while, so they finally decided to have her put to sleep. It's probably for the best, but it still bites. She was really a stray cat that kind of moved in under our porch one summer, and caught all kinds of mice/birds/squirrels/etc. and left them for us as gifts. She stayed in our garage that winter...until it got horribly, horribly cold outside and my parents brought her in. She's lived there ever since and caught mice when they got in the house. She was a great cat. Adrian particularly liked her.

Also made cookies over the weekend. Cherry almond oatmeal cookies, to be precise.

Would be much happier if I could sleep through this week.

I'm out of coffee filters. I think I'm going to explode.


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